The villages of Kos: beauty and tradition in the Mediterranean

They are among the most beautiful ones that you will meet in the islands of Dodecanese: small and picturesque, the villages of Kos, invite you to be swept away by the charming aura. Under the eternal Greek sunshine, daily routine becomes slow-paced and a natural piece of mind feels the air. Although Kos is a big touristic island attracting many visitors for its history and landscape, local villages are the true hidden gems of the island, as life has stood still for centuries and traditions are passed on from one generation to the next. So, step away from the famous landmarks and dare to explore the natural beauty and special character of the villages of Kos, by starting from some of the most typical among them.

 Asfendiou & Zia

Fourteen kilometers south west of Kos Town, tucked away on the slopes of the Mountain Dikeo, Asfendiou’s traditional houses and narrow streets are surrounded by stunning vineyards and olive groves. When in the area, make sure that you climb up to the equally beautiful village of Zia to admire a panoramic view of the island’s Kos. Before leaving, make one last stop at one of the traditional tavernas to savour the pure flavours of the local cuisine.


Kefalos’ main attraction consist of the popular Kamari bay, with its emerald and blue waters and long ribbon of white sands, that is located on the southern golden coastline of Kos. In the summer, many luxury yachts and smaller boats dock at Kamari marina. On the mountain hill, lies the heart of Kefalos, where life is easy-going for its inhabitants and time spent chatting outside of the authentic coffeehouses. The quaint village is particularly known for its delicious cheeses and local thyme honey, which you should definitely try.


Surrounded by a verdurous vegetation of olive groves and cypress trees, the well-preserved stone houses of Pyli create such a whimsical and charming picture. The old part of Pyli is well worth a visit, as you will encounter the lovely Byzantine castle seated on top of a hill and its view stretching beyond Marmari to highlight the coasts of Western Turkey.