Rhodes: meet the Greek island of eternal sunshine

Being blessed with 300 days of bright sunshine annually, Rhodes is reasonably considered as the chosen island of Helios, the Greek god of the Sun…With natural springs and protected landscapes surrounding its breathtaking beaches, as well as medieval castles and impressive archaeological findings, Rhodes invites you to succumb to its sun-kissed charms.

A story related to the God of Sun

Myth has it that the birth of the island is interwoven with the story of Helios, the Greek God that is considered to have risen from the azure waters of the island and of the Aegean Sea – while its name is linked to nymph Rhodes, the wife of God Helio’s. Ultimate protector of the island, the god’s nurturing light washes over the deep blue sea, deep green valleys and shimmering coasts, establishing Rhodes as a favourite Greek holiday destination.

Beach hopping under the sun

When in Rhodes, beach hopping is inevitable – and not just because of the warm bright sun that makes you crave for diving into the island’s emerald waters, but due to the natural beauty surrounding them. Afandou, Agathi, Apolakkia, Tsabika, Kolymbia, Anthony Quinn Beach, Lardos, Kiotari, Kallithea, Traounou, Trianda, Prasonissi promise you exceptional holidays on the island of eternal sunshine!

Nature’s treasures offering touches of cool

Just outside astonishing Rhodes town, several…refreshing surprises await: discover the peacocks and the charming stream found in the infamous Rodini Park; witness beauty in all its dimensions at the Butterfly Valley – where butterflies rest peacefully on tree trunks and little bridges and pathways make you feel as part of an uncommon fairy-tale. And of course, enrich your summer days with all of the wonders of the island, with the ones that you have chosen to share these moments with!

With so many cocktail bars, beach lounges, luxurious restaurants, tavernas and even a casino, there is plenty of entertainment available to conclude your days.