The Peloponnese: the ultimate food lovers’ paradise

Its reputation competes with the grandeur of the myths and outstanding natural beauty that it is famous for, almost on equal terms: indeed, gastronomy reigns supreme in the Peloponnese, as its precious olive oil runs profusely on mouth-watering dishes full of bold culinary dreams. Your palate will definitely confirm this undeniable truth as it savours the exquisite flavours of the local cuisine – uncovering, at the very same time, the wealth of the Peloponnesian nature, culture and tradition.

The olive oil of the Peloponnese…

Before setting off on this versatile journey, a special mention in its undisputed star is more than necessary: nurtured by a stunning coarse mountainous landscape, the tremendous olive groves offer to Greece its liquid gold – the olive oil, found in the Peloponnese at the finest quality. That is the reason why it lies in the centre of local gastronomy: you will find it everywhere – from salads and traditional pies to treats such as Xerotigana (thin dough cut like fine lace, fried in olive oil and drizzled with divine honey fragranced by the wild flowers of Mani), olive oil is the one to thank for the indefinable gentleness in taste, sensed in all traditionally made specialties.

…and the fresh produce

Yet, it’s not just olive oil that makes the Peloponnese a paradise of flavors – it’s mostly the pure taste of local products, as well as, the multitude of offerings that you will meet here. The fertile land generously hands out a variety of fruits and vegetables (with eggplants, oranges, melons and apricots standing out), while locally made products of exceptional quality offer fascinating culinary experiences to all food lovers: cheese, handmade pasta, dairy products, wine and tsipouro, thyme honey and a wide selection of homemade sweets are merely illustrative of the tastes and aromas that your Peloponnesian culinary adventure is going to consist of. So, how about start planning your next trip to this food lovers’ paradise?