Greece on a plate: three plus three dishes that taste like Greek summer

The Greek cuisine is renowned the world over because of its fresh ingredients and balanced, thoughtful recipes, that are light in nature, heartwarming, rich in nutrients, exquisite in taste. And nowhere is this more evident in these delicious dishes that capture the warmth, and the breeze, of the magnificent greek summer:

Three savoury dishes…

Moussaka (pronounced moo-ssa-kȧ): this oven baked dish features layers of potatoes, eggplants, zucchini and minced meat in tomato sauce, topped with a light bechamel sauce. A vegetarian version (without meat) is also easy to find, so make sure to try both!

Horiatiki salad: with ripe red tomatoes, fresh cucumber, finely sliced onions, a generous serving of feta cheese and extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy it with lots of country style bread, dipping into the plate to enjoy the golden olive oil and tomato juice mix that tastes just like the greek sun!

Fresh fish and seafood: fresh from Greece’s bountiful seas, enjoy a gourmet dinner with some angler, dentex or lobster, a delicious meal of pandora, mullet or mackerel, or endless meze of fried or pickled small fish, octopus, squid and sea urchins. 

Plus three fruit and cheese combos!

Although not a greek exclusivity, nothing says “greek summer” more than a generous serving of local fruit paired with a local cheese. Among the endless possibilities, try the famed watermelon and feta combo, the unexpected peach and goat’s cheese or the essential white grape and cretan graviera. They will become your forever taste of Greece!