Grecotel + Environment = A Long-lasting Relationship

The magical and natural landscape of Greece is amongst the things we hold dear at Grecotel and in all our destinations. That’s why all of us here are dedicated to preserving and caring for it, having designed a program which is implemented in our hotels’ premises and in the greater community aiming to create and sustain the natural beauty of our holiday destinations.

Our environmental program is based on a number of environmental-friendly policies, which take into account the hotels and their surroundings, and aim to protect and preserve the unique fauna and flora, landscape and historical heritage all of which are so unique in each of our locations. Amongst other things, Grecotel’s environmental program includes natural resource and waste management, and pollution limitation.

But not only…

Our long-lasting relationship with the environment extends to an environmental-friendly product purchasing policy, which includes the purchase of recyclable material as well as local and organically produced products. It is our dedication to locally produced products, which drove in 2001 to open up Agreco farm, which favours sustainable and traditional ways of farming, producing exquisite organic vegetables that visitors can taste at the farm tavern. At Agreco farm visitors can also experience life on a traditional farm and discover how the wonderful products of nature such as olive oil and honey are produced, transferring in this way our knowledge about sustainable methods of production.

Over the years it is these practices and our dedication to the environment which has granted us a multitude of international environmental awards for our initiatives.

Building long lasting relationships with our environment for now and the future!