Exploring Alexandroupolis: daily trips at the crossroads of Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean

In northern Greece, there is a place where customs, religions and people meet together at the centre of a bustling crossroad connecting Europe to Asia. Once a small fishing village named Dede-Agats in western Thrace, Alexandroupolis has become a modern seaside destination in the Mediterranean, captivating you with its cultural history and contemporary lifestyle.

Take your first… trip to the famous lighthouse – symbol of the city for over a century, the imposing lighthouse of Alexandroupolis, standing in the port since 1880, invites you to discover the city’s significant fishing activity. A visit to the local fish market is a must to admire the array of fresh fishes and also blend in with the locals. In the seaside restaurants, you can feast on those superb fishes, commonly served grilled and drizzled with olive oil to preserve their incredible taste.

As you stroll by the waterfront, relish in the wonderful view of the open sea as the wonderful warm sunshine wraps around you like a blanket.

Then, it’s time for the city’s culture to be unveiled: while walking on the wide paved roads, your exploration will introduce you to Alexandroupolis’ multicultural character with vestiges from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras. Highlights include the neoclassical Municipal Conservatory, the superb Orthodox Church Saint Eleftherios and two mosques. The Ethnological Museum of Thrace is a captivating visit since it holds a collection shedding lights onto the unique Thracian traditions and customs.

Outside of the city, stunning landscapes of impeccable natural beauty await to be explored. Start discovering it by enjoying the heaven of the Evros River Delta, which has been the natural habitat for wonderful migratory birds; or by organizing a one-day trip to Dadia Forest – an ideal choice for a mesmerizing hike through the virgin nature of the region, while observing the rare species of bird of preys, reptiles and mammals that live there.

So, leave your suitcases in the Thracian city, where travellers, seafarers and even birds have stopped by on their long journey across countries, and be ready to discover the reasons that constitute its unique character.