ELEFTHIR-LEON, the story of a sea turtle set free

One of the most popular Greek islands, Crete, welcomes hundreds of thousands of guests every year –mostly due to its bright Mediterranean sun, its clean crystal-clear waters and its warm, golden sand. What most visitors probably do not know, is that since millennia, Crete has been welcoming hundreds of unsuspected visitors for the exact same reasons:

yes, even before the great Minoan civilization came to reign over the island, sea turtles had already inhabited the Cretan shores.

However, due to the many disrupting human activities around the coasts and beaches, the Caretta Caretta turtles are now endangered – something that Grecotel wishes to change through a wide variety of initiatives supporting and promoting the safety of the sea turtles around its beaches.

Here is an emblematic one – the story of Elefthir-Leon, which took place in 2016, in Crete.


Archelon’s mission: rescuing Elefthir-Leon

This story dates back a year ago, in Samos, where a 25-year old Caretta Caretta male sea turtle that had accidentally eaten plastic, was found weak and struggling to survive on his own. He was thankfully transferred by locals to the closest Archelon Rescue Centre, located in Rethymnon, Crete, where after two months of treatment, his health was restored.

Elefthir-Leon set free

The victorious recovery of Elefthir-Leon, (a name echoing the meaning of two Greek words, freedom and bravery) was followed by his release into the wild, that took place at Grecotel Caramel Boutique Resort’s beach.

Several people, mostly children, attended the ceremony and experienced a once-in-a-lifetime-event held by Grecotel – an event that besides the enthusiasm, was accompanied with a lot of food for thought regarding the environment and its crucial role.