Danillia, a charming village for your eyes only!

You are in Greece – in Corfu island; it’s summer –and everything around you, from the gleaming sunbeams and the lush nature to the azure waters and the sincere smiling eyes of the locals, invite you to be part of this fascinating experience. Now, picture yourself walking on the pebble stones of a quaint and picturesque Corfiot village frozen in time: here you have Danillia, located in the heart of the emerald and luxuriant nature of Corfu, inviting you to delight in the rare and untouched 1930s scenery reconstructed for your own eyes.

As you enter the premises, the traditional houses coloured in ochre hues surrounded by tall olive trees, paint a stunning setting that could be taken from a movie. The beautiful and scenic village has been the backdrop of several movies, including the notable James Bond’s movie “For Your Eyes Only”. With two village squares, a splendid church and a traditional café, Danillia Village has it all to mirror the serene atmosphere of a hillside village in the island of Corfu.

Take the chance to wandering in the small paved streets to discover the rustic charm of this unique, lilliputian village.

And then, it crosses your mind that such enchanting scenery would be the perfect place to host a private celebration that you will remember for years to come. Indeed, events either small or big in size can be hosted in the outdoor or indoor taverna for a dinner service that combines the picturesque charm with a warm hospitality and impeccable service. Falling in a long tradition from Easter, to the Carnival of Corfu, celebrations in Corfiot villages include traditional dance and music accompanied by a selection of succulent food. Relive this authentic and festive ambiance as Grecotel professional team orchestrate every little detail to make your celebration an event to remember. Simple admirers of Danilia’s beauty or guests to a reception, the quaint and charming village is sure to seduce you and create magical memories!