Crete: a paradise for adventurers

It is, deservedly, one of the most popular Greek islands: standing out for its exceptional history, culture and nature. Crete is definitely a holiday paradise – especially for those that love active, fun-filled holidays.
Long coastline of fine sand and crystal-clear waters combined with mountains and impressive gorges, Crete is the ideal choice for adventure lovers – no matter where the adventure shall take place: at a stunning beach on the (Cretan or Libyan) Sea or on the top of an imposing mountain.

Experience Crete’s infinite blue

In case the deep blue sea thrills you, the depth of the crystal-clear waters of the Cretan/ Libyan sea bear marvels that both beginners and advanced divers will love uncovering. Additionally, sailing is amongst the most favoured activities for hotter months, so dare to experience genuine freedom while out in the open sea –

or, alternatively, take a daily cruise around the coast and meet the natural beauty of the island from an unexpected angle!

Discover Crete’s unspoilt nature

As for its mountains, it is no coincidence that Crete is part of the E4 European long distance path and a top mountaineering destination: from unspoiled wild nature to pristine paths, your choice of scenery is endless. Hike through the pristine and unspoiled nature of Crete, and prepare your mind and soul for the small wonders you will come across: ancient settlements, villages and monasteries reveal the island’s fascinating past.

And finally, the ultimate adventure: the exploration of Samaria Gorge, the largest in Crete and one of its top attractions – where time stands still and your imagination can run wild in the calm and peace of nature! So, time to leave reality behind and set off on a fantastic adventure through the mesmerizing sceneries of Crete!