Autumn in Greece: when the beaches are serene and the sight-seeing is easy

When people think about a greek holiday, summer is the first thing that comes to mind. But a fall vacation in Greece has its own unsurpassed charms and those are too many to pass on:

Serene beach days:
When the majority of the visitors leave, greek schools open and the August north winds wind down, greek beaches are left with warm, crystal clear waters, caressing breezes and the lulling sound of mellow waves. Ample beach choices become ampler, and you can now choose the precise angle you need your sunbed to be to get that glowing sun tan – without the sunstroke!

 Greece’s warm autumns are serene and enchanting, perfect for a relaxing holiday, an invigorating activities’ packed trip, or a sites galore!

Activities galore:
Activities abound in Greece, from hiking to scuba diving, but as temperatures cool and summer vacationers leave, any outdoor fun becomes extra satisfying, with easier planning and booking, fewer crowds, less heat and more enjoyment!

Sightseeing indulgences:
Whether you are looking to admire the Parthenon for hours on end, or wander aimlessly in the palace of Knossos, autumn in Greece is the perfect time to delve into the sights of this history rich country: everything is way less busy and much cooler now, allowing you to make a leisure day out of your favorite museum or site, exploring places of wonder and taking in all the beauty and mastery at your own pace, with enough elbow room to let your surroundings transport you to eras bygone!