Ancient Olympia: wandering at the birthplace of the Olympic Games

So, you are in Ancient Olympia, Peloponnese, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Everything here gives you the chance to immerse yourself in some of the greatest spiritual values and principles born in the human mind – such as peace, fair play, unity in diversity, friendship, excellence. Close your eyes, step back thousand years ago and imagine yourself threading upon the native soil, where some of the greatest athletes of ancient Greece have competed for eternal glory in the ancient Olympic Games of Olympia.

Set foot in the pathways of visitors in ancient Greece coming from across the country to support their favourite athletes competing for eternal glory in the sacred venue.

As you take your first steps in the ancient site, you will find yourself walking upon the paths of the most eminent sanctuary of worship in ancient Greece dedicated to the king of gods, Zeus. Situated at the foot of the Kronios hill, in South Peloponnese, passed through by the Alpheus River, the verdurous and wide valley offered an ideal location for the ancient Greeks to peacefully assemble to carry out the Games every four years, the greatest and most important athletic event of the then-known world. Wander around vestiges of temples, altars and monuments laying next to a green and lush nature – centuries old oaks, pines and olive trees, providing plenty of shade. The idyllic landscape confers to the sanctuary a serene and most special atmosphere contrasting with the fierce energy that this place used to brim with in ancient times.

Relive a part of the mythical Games by running in the ancient stadium and proudly crossing its finishing line like athletes from all over the world did thousands of years ago; Imagine the immense honour that the victors would feel, as a wreath of olive leaves would grace their head; Dive into the splendor of the symbols that even great ideals of the contemporary world have been impregnated by; And let yourself be mesmerized by the magnificent place that is going to host some of the most exciting holiday experiences in your life!