6 regions, 6 wine experiences to savour at the Peloponnese

With wine-making a millenia-old tradition, tens of local grape varieties and some of the most wonderful PDO wines you will ever taste, the Peloponnese is a wine-lover’s paradise. Read on to discover what not to miss:

In the north of the Peloponnese your dessert wine dreams come true with four renowned PDO wines: the sweet fortified red Mavrodaphne, the dry white Rhoditis, and two sweet Muscat wines, from Patras and Rion. 

Corinth and Argolida
The wines of PDO Nemea are being made here since the 5th century BC, and were called back then “the blood of Hercules”. They are made with Agiorgitiko (or St George’s grapes), a local grape variety and their plummy, sweet spice taste will steal your heart!

The famous Moschofilero grape is the main ingredient of the PDO Mantinia wine, originating in Arcadia. With this dry white wine’s exotic and refreshing flavors you are in for a real treat!

Travel back to medieval times with the PDO Monemvassia-Malvasia wines, once so famous around the world that Venetian wine merchants called their shops Malvasie. Revived after long scientific research, the sweet whites of the region hold the mediterranean sun in them, as they are created from sun dried grapes.

A little known gem from Ilia is the Tinaktorogos white. Native to the Olympia region, it is old enough to be mentioned by Homer and its strange name comes from the fact that it drops some of its flowers during flowering season. Rare and delightful, it is full of exotic aromas and citrus fruit notes.